Club Manager of the Year

Each year, the Carolinas Club Foundation awards one Carolinas Chapter member with the prestigious honor of being named the Club Manager of the Year. This recognition acknowledges a member for his or her exemplified and distinguished professionalism; dedication to excellence; and enhancement to the image of club management and in the Carolinas Chapter.

All award winners must have been a member of CMAA for six years and a member of the Carolinas Chapter for three years; be currently managing a club in the Carolinas; have attended at least four meetings a year (region- or Chapter-level) for the past two years; have served as a Chapter Director or Committee Chairperson; and have attained the Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation.

Congratulations to Jessi Reutter, CCM, for being honored as the 2022 Carolinas Chapter Club Manager of the Year.

Past honored members:

2022 Jessi Reutter, CCM

2021 Beverly Marler, CCM

2020 Doug Shifflett, CCM, CCE

2019 John Schultz, CCM, CCE 

2018 Jim Sutton, CCM, CCE

2017 Tom DeLozier, CCM, CCE

2016 David Dew, CCM, CCE

2015 Brian Boss, CCM

2014 Clint Wood, CCM, CCE

2013 Tammy Roys, CCM, CCE

2012 Bob Nock, CCM

2011 Marc Tingle, CCM, CCE

2010 Mark Cooper, CCM

2009 Lee Smith, CCM, CCE

2008 Jill Philmon, CCM, CCE

2007 Bob Gusella, CCM

2006 Todd Cromie, CCM, CCE

2005 Kevin Hart, CCM

2004 Damon DiOrio, CCM, CCE

2003 Haissam Baityeh, CCM, CCE

2002 Terra Waldron, CCM, CCE

2001 Michael Ambrose, CCM

2000 Bill Windsor, CCM

1999 Patricia Calder, CCM, CCE

1998 Reggie Spell, CCM

1997 Jack Quick, CCM

1996  David Watson, CCM, and Michael Sullivan, CCM

1995  Kamal Sakakini, CCM

1991  Gary D. Warren, CCM

1990 John DeJong, CCM

1988 Graham McDeson, MCM

1987 Fairley Johnson, CCM