How to Join

CMAA's membership is dual and simultaneous with CMAA National and the Carolinas Chapter (the chapter in whose boundaries your club falls); and, the application process begins with the Carolinas Chapter.

See all that a CMAA membership can afford you.

To apply for membership:

  • Complete the Membership Application in its entirety. (Click here for a writable version.)
  • Determine the correct National and Chapter dues amounts to be paid. (Click here for National's "Prevailing Dues Rate" as noted within the National dues structure below.)

Carolinas Chapter Dues

The Annual Membership dues structure for 2021 is listed below (effective November 1, 2020 - October 31, 2021):

Professional Members

  • 1st - Member from club: $520
  • 2nd - Member from same club: $468
  • 3rd - Member from same club: $390
  • 4th - Member from same club: $328
  • 5th or more - Member from same club: $218    

Alumnus Members - $250

Retired Members - $57

Non-Resident Members - $68

*Associate Members - $166

*Associate Membership is offered only to Professional members who have left the club management field, or those who are no longer eligible for Continuation status and are unemployed.  One cannot join CMAA as an Associate member.

CMAA National Dues

The Annual Membership dues structure for 2021 is listed below (effective September 1, 2020 - October 31, 2021):

Professional Members

  • 1st Year - $500
  • 2nd Year - $650
  • 3rd Year - Prevailing Dues Rate

A Note from CMAA National:

The Association has a step membership where the new/rejoining member dues rate is $500 ($250 if you join between April 1 and August 31), the second year dues rate will be $650 and the third year will be the prevailing dues rate. This is a national new member dues structure; as always, chapter dues rates and fees remain at the discretion of each chapter.

  • Send the completed application and BOTH dues checks (one made out to CMAA and the other made out to Carolinas Chapter CMAA) to the Carolinas Chapter for processing:
    8595 Pelham Road / Suite 400 #318 / Greenville, SC 29615
  • The Chapter Board representative will approve and sign the application and forward it and your CMAA National dues check to the CMAA National office for processing. Processing may take up to ten business days. 

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Cathy Miller, Member Services Manager.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member to the Carolinas Chapter!