Member Accomplishments

There are several recognition programs that Chapter members, as well as the Chapter as a whole, can achieve throughout the year. The Carolinas Chapter is proud to continuously have members reaching these milestones and accomplishments. Congratulations to the following members on their personal and professional successes!

2017's NEWEST CCM:   Shane Ahrens, CCM, Wade Hampton Golf Club 

2017 New Master Club Manager

C.W. Cook, Jr., MCM, CCM, CCE

2017 New Certified Club Managers

Nicole Guy, CCM
Luke Heinsohn, CCM
Jay Johnson, CCM
Jeff Spencer, CCM

2017 New Honor Society

James Killion, CCM

2017 New Certified Chief Executives

Jason Macaulay, CCM, CCE
Robert Nock, CCM, CCE

Willmoore H. Kendall Scholarship Recipients (since 2012)   

2017 -  Jordan Miller
2015 -  Eric Bischofberger
2014 – Erica Pepper
2013 – Anita Nalepa-Hoskins
2012 – Nicki McLaughlin        

LaRocca Family Executive Scholarship Recipientsimg
2012 – Tammy Roys, CCM, CCE
2011 – David Dew, CCM, CCE (inaugural year)

James B. Singerling Scholarship Recipients
2016 - Brett Curley, The Club at Longview

Sally Burns Rambo Scholarship Recipients
2016 – Amanda Day, Charlotte Country Club
2014 – Heather Crutcher, CCM (Non-resident/Volunteer Chapter Member)
2013 – Erica Pepper
2012 – Millie Harper (inaugural year)

Warren L. Arsenault Honorary Scholarship Recipients    
2010 – Robert Parody, CCM
2009 – Tammy Roys, CCM, CCE (inaugural year)

Carolinas Club Foundation CCM Scholarship Recipients (since 2012)
2014 - Jon Grooms and Chip Hughes
2013 - Shane Ahrens and Anita Nalepa-Hoskins
2012 - Millie Harper and Tonya Williams

Carolinas Club Foundation Honor Society/CCE Scholarship Recipients (since 2012)
2014 - John Miller, CCM, CCE
2013 - Jim Sutton, CCM
2012 - David Flinchbaugh, CCM

Carolinas Club Foundation Leadership Memorial Scholarship Recipients (since 2012)
2014 - Charlie Nolette
2013 - Bryan Danehy
2012 - Nicki McLaughlin    

CMAA 25 Year Club Members
Members of the 25 Year Club have all been in a management position at their former or current clubs for at least 25 consecutive years.
A. Graham McDeson, MCM
Deborah Mullins
George Shook, Jr., CCM

CMAA Longevity Program Members
CMAA's Longevity Program shows appreciation for the ongoing commitment of the men and women who have been members of the Association for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 years.

Millennium Club Members
Each year, the Carolinas Chapter recognizes individuals who have earned a total of 1,000 credits as members of the Millennium Club. These members are our Chapter’s leaders in credits and have exemplified professional commitment by reaching this level.
Michael Ambrose, CCM
Earl Anderson, CCM, CCE
Haissam Baityeh, CCM, CCE
Tim Bakels, CCM, CCE
Calvin Bolling, CCM
Ralph Burpee
Patricia Calder, CCM, CCE
Ralph Campbell, CCM
C.W. Cook, CCM, CCE
Greg Crawford, CCM, CCE
Todd Cromie, CCM, CCE
David Cull, CCM
Russ Curtis, CCM, CCE
John De Jong, CCM
Tom DeLozier, CCM
David Dew, CCM, CCE
Damon DiOrio, CCM, CCE
Bob Gusella, CCM
Cathy Gustafson, CCM, PhD
Barry Henfey, CCM
Scott Jaccard, CCM, CCE
Ken Kinka, CCM, CCE
Graham McDeson, MCM
John Miller, CCM, CCE
Bob Nock, CCM
Tom Noyes, CCM, CCE
Jill Philmon, CCM, CCE
Zach Platek, CCM, CCE
Jack Quick, CCM
Rhett Robicheaux, CCM
Tammy Roys, CCM, CCE
Kamal Sakakini, CCM
John Schultz, CCM, CCE
Scott Simerlink, CCM
Jack Slaughter, CCM, CCE
Lee Smith, CCM, CCE
Marc Tingle, CCM, CCE
Gary Warren, CCM
Clint Wood, CCM, CCE

Chapter of the Year Award

imgThe Chapter of the Year Award competition recognizes outstanding work, participation and successful accomplishments by chapters within CMAA. Since 1993, the Carolinas Chapter is a proud recipient of the 1995, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014 award competitions.