Two-Day Orientation Training Package Available for Carolinas Clubs





“…The information you presented was awesome… and your information has already been helpful from the conference. Thank you for being a part of the MMC.” – Stephen Kohr


“Great job this weekend! My only complaint is that I could not have my entire team of assistants in your session…Thank you so much for coming to the Carolinas.” – Christa Evans


“I don’t understand how you could know me so well by just asking those 10 questions. It’s scary!” – Training participant, Discovering Your Personality Spectrum




$3,000 plus travel expenses


$4,500 inclusive of travel expenses


Training will be conducted by two RCS certified trainers

*for a limited time only





The RCS Group has packaged several popular programs designed to help clubs quickly and effectively prepare for peak season.  We focus on management for one day and staff for one day with a concentration on keeping the service culture strong through motivation, communication, problem solving, service recovery, positive words and phrases, as well as teamwork. 



discovering your personality spectrum (4 hours)

An engaging teambuilding program, Discovering Your Personality Spectrum provides valuable insight into each participants own personality traits, their values and virtues as well as those of their team.


train the trainer and goal setting [3 hours]

This program helps managers learn to set goals, create action plans for achievement and manage their time accordingly. Effective trainers understand the long-term goals and development needs of their organization and represent those goals through their actions, language and leadership. This session will address methods to upgrade and improve standards, correct poor performance and resolve employee opportunities.



private club 101 (1.5 hours)

The differences between a hotel, resort, restaurant and member clubs are many and varied. This program helps managers and employees understand the importance of member relations, expectations as they relate to dues and initiation deposits, proactive communication, consistency in service, and managing member feedback.


e.n.c.h.a.n.t.e.d service (3 hours)

Employees and associates will gain better understanding of what customer service is and problem solving techniques to ensure your members/guests leave happy, loyal customers.  Enchanted service provides for satisfied, engaged members.


E    Emphasize Teamwork

N    Name Recognition

C    Communication is Key

H    Have Fun

A    Attitude

N    No is the NOT the Answer

T    Total Team Effort

E    Empowerment

D    Details


on-stage (2.5 hours)  - food and beverage focus

Drawing on the parallels between a live show and food and beverage service, ON-STAGE shows employees and managers how to maintain the sequence of service consistently using showmanship and salesmanship. Participants learn proper service techniques, standards of service, and suggestive selling techniques.

two-day orientation training package


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The Reid Consulting Services (RCS) Group, founded in 2000, has over 75 years cumulative club and hospitality management experience. RCS has become the 'go-to' company for Club Operations management due to its contemporary applications anchored in solid business practices.  RCS partners with clubs to generate cash flow, exceed member and guest expectations, and create a sustainable and stable environment. Boardroom Magazine recognized RCS as consulting company of the year and strategic planning company of the year in 2011 and 2013, respectively.