2020 Manager of the Year

We are proud to announce our most recent member accomplishment in the form of our Manager of the Year Award.  Doug Shifflett, CCM, CCE, was awarded this high honor at the Carolinas Chapter CMAA Annual Dinner on October 18, 2020. 

If you were to ask Doug, he probably feels undeserving because of the circumstances and having presided over only one in-person meeting for the year. That is precisely the reason he is deserving of recognition. To be tasked with the chairmanship and guiding your own club as well as our Chapter during this time of uncertainty takes a very trusting leader. Doug has supported Patricia and Cathy in their endeavors to keep our Chapter relevant to its members. He has provided guidance as everyone has worked toward a virtual Fall Conference for our members. He has done so while dealing with the burden of the most unusual year that any of us could have ever imagined.

We are proud to honor Doug Shifflett, CCM, CCE, as our Manager of the Year for 2020!