Fall Conference

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Fall Conference 2020

October 18 & 19, 2020 

Attendance Information:
You will be able to attend our 2020 Fall Conference either VIRTUALLY or IN PERSON / VIRTUALLY.

All meetings and education will be presented virtually, through Zoom.  However, there are a number of clubs throughout the Carolinas that will be hosting members IN PERSON, so that you can watch the presentations AND network with your fellow managers, somewhat like the good ol' days!  You will be able to enjoy networking, snacks, and lunches - and a wine dinner - in person with your peers.

Details to come soon......
   9 am - 5 pm Business Meeting, Education Sessions, Lunch
   6 pm Wine Dinner and Board Installation
   9 am - 3 pm Education Sessions and 

Speakers Include:

Andy Core (Keynote) - "Change Your Day, Not Your Life"

Gene Marks - "Beyond the Pandemic and After the Elections"

Robyn Nordin Stowell, Attorney - "Member Discipline in the Current and Post-COVID Worlds"

Jodie Cunningham - "Human Resources in the COVID World"

Bess Ehmcke, Gasser Chair - "Furniture, Furnishings, and Fabric Care"

Rick Coyne, ClubInsights - "What Lies Ahead - It's Ours to Command..."

And more......

Miscellaneous Information

All in-person events will be socially distanced, and masks will be required.  Each club has different rules and requirements, and these will be shared with you after registration as needed.

Each location will offer the presentation on a large screen, but you are encouraged to also bring your own laptop.

Attire for all events will be Country Club Casual, unless otherwise noted to you after registration.

Please note that registration is open first to Carolinas Chapter CMAA Members who want to attend in person.  Anyone who wants to attend virtually for the full conference (at no charge) may register at any time (until the deadline of Oct. 17).  Registration will open to non-members, staff members, and Chapter Sponsors on Thursday, September 24.

For in-person attendees, each club will have its own maximum number of attendees.  Please bear with us as we ask for flexibility during this process.  If you cannot get into the club you have requested, we will put you on a waiting list and get you into another club in the meantime.

Please note that, due to limited space, spouses are not invited to attend any of the Fall Conference events unless space is available after October 14.

Sunday evening's dinner will be hosted at each in-person club and will consist of a fabulous menu and wines to match.  All locations will be linked via Zoom.  We'll have entertainment, a talk by the winemaker from harvest at his vineyard in Oregon, and our annual awards and Board installation. 

Because there will be limited numbers of attendees at the Host Clubs, we do not have hotels or transportation booked for this event. Should you require assistance with finding a hotel or anything else local to the club, please let us know.


Thanks to COVID, this should prove to be quite a unique conference, and, hopefully, a once-in-a-lifetime event!  

More information will be distributed soon.




2020 Wine & Widgets Auction

This year's W&W Auction and Wall of Wine Raffle will take place - online!

Stay tuned for more information!

If you have wines and/or widgets to donate, please complete this form and return to patricia@carolinascmaa.org

Thank you MembersFirst for your sponsorship again this year!